• 2017/18 Pre-Registration - Grades 1-8


    The application to pre-register for the 2017/18 school year will be available for students entering grades 1-8 beginning March 20, 2017.  


    Pre-registration is available only to students who maintain current Brookline residency. 


    When completing the application, please make sure to select the Appointment Type "Next School Year".  


    Once the application is complete, you must schedule a pre-registration appointment with the Office of Student Affairs.  Appointments will be available starting the week of April 3.

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Grades 1-8 Registration


Pre-registration begins with an online application and should be completed only by those families who meet the Residency Requirements.  If you are a visitor, please review "Visitors and Public School Enrollment".
Pre-registration begins with the Registration Gateway. 

Begin with the online application by clicking the "Pre-Registration" button below:

 *For Apple users, please note: Registration Gateway is only supported on OSX 10.7 and higher (10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11). 
  • Enter in all requested demographic data as requested by our application questionnaire.  Please allow yourself ample time to complete the application questionnaire.  We recommend using a non-mobile device to complete this task if possible, as it is easier with access to a keyboard.
  • Make an appointment for your Pre-Registration Meeting.
Pre-registration meetings will take place with staff from the Office of Student Affairs
  • Please bring the child for whom you are registering, the original documents, and required forms filled out.
  • Each family will produce health and immunizations to a school nurse
  • Children who may require English Language services will receive a pre-screening to determine need at the time of their Pre-Registration meeting

Documents to bring to your Pre-Registration meeting:

  • Original birth certificate (notarized translation into English)
  • Proofs of Residency 
 Evidence of Residency  Evidence of Occupancy Evidence of Identification
Column A (1 option)

  • A record of the most recent mortgage payment and/or property tax bill
  • Copy of settlement statement & a record of the most recent payment
  • Copy of current lease & a signed notarized Landlord Living Agreement
  • Copy of HUD lease or other public housing lease AND record of most recent payment


Column B (2 proofs)


A utility bill dated within the past 45 days or a statement of service or work order showing the service address and connection date from the 
following list: 
  • Cable/Satellite TV bill
  • Electric bill
  • Gas bill
  • Home telephone bill (cellular telephone is not acceptable)
  • Home/renters
  • Insurance bill

Column C (1 proof)


Valid photo identification from the following list:
  • Valid Massachusetts Driver’s License
  • Valid Massachusetts ID card
  • Valid Passport
  • Military ID
  • Other Government-issued photo ID

  • School records (notarized translation into English) 
  • Active IEP or 504 Plan, if applicable
  • Immunization records (notarized translation into English)
  • Custody documents (notarized translation into English) if applicable

Forms to bring to your Pre-registration meeting:

School Assignment

Students are assigned to school in Brookline primarily based on the geographic location of their homes. Many addresses in Brookline fall within buffer zones. If your home is in a buffer zone, the Office of Student Affairs will make an assignment for all of the students in the family to the school with the lower enrollment at the grade level(s) the students are entering. You are welcome to request a preference. We will try very hard to accommodate your preference however this is not guaranteed. For more information on Buffer Zones, click here.


While the Devotion School under goes an extensive renovation, all schools in North Brookline will become part of a North Brookline buffer zone.  The schools included in the North Brookline buffer zone are: Devotion, Driscoll, Lawrence and Pierce. This buffer zone will be temporary in nature for the duration of the Devotion School renovation.  The North Brookline buffer zone is to ensure that enrollment can be balanced across schools and across grades in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  This change will not impact currently enrolled families, but will be used when assigning all buffer zone families in North Brookline who are new to the district or move into the North Brookline area.
To see which district your home is in, click here.  When searching, please to select the address without the zip code.  When reviewing the school district, make certain to look also for the School Buffer Zone
A student who is eligible for English Language Learning (ELL) services may take advantage of Language Support Programs (Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian).  If the Language Support Program is located at a school outside his/her home district, the student may be placed there. For more information about our ELL program, click here.
All school assignment communications go to families from the Office of Student Affairs.

English Language Learning

Students who may require English Language Learning (ELL) services will be identified at the pre-registration appointment. The English Language Learning department will pre-screen the student to determine if a full screening is necessary. Students who require an ELL screening will complete that assessment with the ELL department. The ELL department communicates the result of that assessment, and any need for specialized instruction is part of determining school assignment. A student who is eligible for English Language Learning (ELL) services may take advantage of Language Support Programs (Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian).  If the Language Support Program is located at a school outside his/her home district, the student may be placed there. For more information about our ELL program, click here.

Special Education

Students entering the Public Schools of Brookline with an active Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan must present that document at the time of the pre-registration meeting.
A special education administrator will review the document prior to school placement to assess any need for specialized programs, as well as to prepare the appropriate resources to administer the IEP in Brookline.  The Special Education Department may require a meeting with the family prior to school placement.
A school Assignment from the Office of Student Affairs will follow this review.

Next Steps 

  • After the Pre-Registration Meeting, the Office of Student Affairs will assign your student(s) to a school.
  • The family will contact the school to make an appointment for the student to meet with the school nurse and the guidance counselor.
  • The student is given a teacher and classroom, registered as an active student, and given a day on which they will start class!
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