Students Seeking Special Education Evaluations

Brookline Residents whose children have been referred for or suspect their children require a special education evaluation are eligible to do so through the Public Schools of Brookline, regardless of enrollment status.  If your child attends a private school, you may seek an evaluation and potentially receive services through the Public Schools of Brookline if found eligible.

  1. Contact the Educational Team Facilitator for your zoned school

  • Your first step is to contact the school assigned to your address and speak to the Educational Team Facilitator.  
    • If you are not sure what your school zone is, or live in a “Buffer Zone”, contact the Office of Student Affairs for assistance.  
    • For students in grades 9-12, please contact the Special Education Office at Brookline High School (617-713-5076).  
    • For Early Education (ages 3-5), contact Elizabeth Preston (617-713-5473).
  • After you liaise with the Educational Team Facilitator, they will inform you and the staff of the Office of Student Affairs as to next steps.


You will pre-register as a Brookline Resident with the Office of Student Affairs. Pre-Registration begins with an online application and should be completed only by those families who meet the Residency Requirements.  If you are a visitor, please review "Visitors and Public School Enrollment". Pre-registration begins with the Registration Gateway. Begin with the online application by clicking the "Pre-Registration" button below:
Registration Gateway  
*For Apple users, please note: Registration Gateway is only supported on OSX 10.7 and higher (10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11). 
  • Enter in all requested demographic data as requested by our application questionnaire.  Please allow yourself ample time to complete the application questionnaire.  We recommend using a non-mobile device to complete this task if possible, as it is easier with access to a keyboard.
  • Make an appointment for your pre-registration Meeting

Pre-Registration meetings will take place with staff from the Office of Student Affairs

  • Please bring the child for whom you are registering, the original documents, and required forms filled out.
  • Each family will produce health and immunizations to a school nurse
  • Children who may require English Language services will receive a pre-screening to determine need at the time of their Pre-Registration meeting

Documents to bring to your pre-registration meeting:

  • Original birth certificate (notarized translation into English)
  • Proofs of Residenc
 Evidence of Residency  Evidence of Occupancy Evidence of Identification
 Column A (1 option)
  • A record of the most recent mortgage payment and/or property tax bill
  • Copy of settlement statement & a record of the most recent payment
  • Copy of current lease & a signed notarized Landlord Living Agreement
  • Copy of HUD lease or other public housing lease AND record of most recent payment 

 Column B (2 proofs)

A utility bill dated within the past 45 days or a statement of service or work order showing the service address and connection date from the following list: 

  • Cable/Satellite TV bill
  • Electric bill
  • Gas bill
  • Home telephone bill 
  • (cellular telephone is 
  • not acceptable)
  • Home/renters 
  • insurance bill

Column C (1 proof)

Valid photo identification from the following list:
  • Valid Massachusetts Driver’s License
  • Valid Massachusetts ID card
  • Valid Passport
  • Military ID
  • Other Government-issued photo ID

  • School records (notarized translation into English) 
  • Active IEP or 504 Plan, if applicable
  • Immunization records (notarized translation into English)
  • Custody documents (notarized translation into English) if applicable

Forms to bring to your pre-registration meeting:

You can download the checklist in ArabicChineseHebrewJapaneseKoreanPortugueseRussian and Spanish

Next Steps

The Office of Student Affairs enters your student as a private school student receiving services. 

You will be notified, and the Team Facilitator will contact you to begin the evaluation process.

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