Strategy & Performance


The Office of Strategy and Performance was created during the 2015-2016 school year to coordinate the district’s strategic planning, our district-wide management and use of student data, and our internal and external communications. These three primary functions are described below:

1. Strategic Planning
The Office of Strategy and Performance leads the development and monitoring of the school district’s long range Strategic Plan. The office provides support to district and school leaders on the development and rollout of district and school initiatives to ensure effective coordination, communication, alignment with the strategic priorities, and implementation. The office also assists the development of capital projects including the 9th elementary school and BHS expansion.

2. Data Management
This department provides support to principals, teachers and school staff on using data related to student learning generated at the school level. It is responsible for data collection and reporting required by the federal and state governments, data security, and any research requests.
One of the primary roles of the Office of Strategy and Performance related to data is to work with the Office of Teaching and Learning to support teachers, teams of teachers, principals, and coordinators in easily accessing student learning data so they can answer the question, “How are our students doing?” For example in the 2015-16 school year, this work included: supporting the Mindfulness Initiative at BHS when they developed student and staff surveys; supporting teachers and schools by beginning to develop improved reports for our benchmark literacy assessment reports; helping teams of teachers identify what student learning data they have available to them; administering Staff and Family Feedback Surveys; and supporting teachers in the transition to electronic progress reports.
For more information about Data Collection and Reporting, Data Security and Privacy, or Conducting Research in the PSB please click on the links to the left.
3. Community Relations 
This office also provides support to help staff and community members be included, informed and engaged in the work of our schools and the district. PSB communicates with community members through public meetings, email, the PSB website, social media, our school PTOs, our community partner organizations, and our local newspapers. These efforts also support outreach related to public meetings, such as School Committee meetings and our ongoing work on building projects.

Primary Objectives 

The primary objectives of the Office of Strategy & Performance are listed in the FY2017 budget as follows:
  1. Develop a comprehensive plan for data use throughout the system, including comprehensive strategic data governance and security policies;
  2. In collaboration with the Office of Teaching and Learning, develop and implement a strategy for making student learning data accessible and usable at all levels of the system to support continuous improvement in learning, achievement, instruction, and operations;
  3. Implement efficiency-building work in core data systems, including system integration and migrations to vendor-hosted platforms;
  4. Document and improve workflows and processes so PSB has accurate data for students when they enter school and for staff when they are hired; 
  5. Complete the development and rollout of Strategic Plan 2.0;
  6. Develop and execute a system-wide communications plan for internal and external stakeholders
  7. Provide ongoing strategic and communications support to the School Committee and Town on the 9th Elementary School Site Selection process and the BHS Expansion and Renovation project; and
  8. Complete current in-process technology projects, including migration to a new email system and the transition of all school websites to the Schoolwires platform. 

Background on the Office of Strategy and Performance
The Office of Strategy and Performance is a renamed and reorganized department that is made up primarily of staff from what was previously called the Data Team. Prior to the 2015-16 school year (FY16), the Data Team had existed for over a decade and consisted of three staff members – a Director, a Database Manager, and an Applications Support Specialist – performing tasks related to the collection and management of data required for state and federal reporting including enrollment, attendance, and assessment. It also supported the analysis and use of MCAS results in schools and classrooms. Over the years, the Data Team had moved between the Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Administration and Finance and lacked consistent support, oversight, or leadership.

In August 2015, the Special Assistant for Strategy and Performance was hired to provide leadership and management to the group. A Data Specialist was hired in May 2016 to respond to the growing interest by teachers, teacher teams, senior leadership, curriculum coordinators, and principals to use a wide range of data to inform decision making. In FY 2017 the department added a Planning Specialist to support the significant need to improve long-term planning and help keep staff, parents, guardians, families, and community members well informed about and engaged in the work of our schools, and the ongoing and rapidly increasing number of significant capital projects. 
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