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  • #DevoReads

    Posted by Tyler Vuylsteke at 2/14/2017 8:00:00 AM

    Hello Lower Devo Families and Friends,


    We hope you are enjoying the past three snow days and a bit of an unexpected long weekend. Hopefully this email finds you safe, warm, and not completely buried by the snowfall.  


    At Lower Devo we are committed to sharing our love of reading as we build strong, curious, thoughtful, analytical readers in each of our students.  This year we have begun to shift and organize our teaching practices around reading (decoding and comprehending), writing, and word study as we prepare for in depth professional development as part of the Literacy Collaborative.  At the beginning of this school year we shared information regarding our plans for our upcoming work in the Literacy Collaborative at a PTO Coffee and Conversation. We will go more in depth as to what you can expect as a family and what your child will experience in literacy instruction at a Coffee and Conversation in March (stay tuned for exact date).


    Part of how we build strong readers is to encourage and enable students to read independently or with a family member at home and cultivate a love for reading in any genre: fantasy, biography, mystery, historical fiction and so many more! In between sledding runs and shoveling these past several days we hope that you and your children have found time to snuggle up with a book or two and get lost in the text.  Send us some pictures of your child reading either during the past three snow days or this coming vacation and we will share them on our lobby TV to celebrate our love for reading.  You can also share them with us on Twitter using #DevoReads (where you can find other examples of how we build strong readers in the classroom).  


    In addition to building strong readers we also deepen students engagement with many forms of writing.  One of the many ways we share our writing with an authentic audience at Lower Devo is through our school newspaper.  Students in grades 3 and 4 have been meeting weekly to create and publish the Hive Happenings.  Here you will find everything from interviews, persuasive essays, and book/movie reviews to comics, art work, crosswords and more.  As other students at Lower Devo read the publication they are encouraged to submit their own work by responding to the Debate It column.  Students who submit responses may have their work published in the following issue.  We hope you enjoy the first issue!  You can find it either by clicking the link above or visiting the homepage of our school website (it's embedded on the left hand side under the Lower Devo Principal's Blog).  


     We look forward to seeing all your reading pictures from the past few days and will be anxiously awaiting your return bright and early Tuesday morning!  Until then, get out there and build some snow people or sculptures, do some sledding and sliding, and don’t forget to READ!

     Jen and Dave

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Upper Devotion Principal's Blog

  • Spotlight on Teaching and Learning (ELA #3-Grades 5-8)

    Posted by Monica Crowley at 2/13/2017 7:00:00 AM

    Hello 5-8 Families,

    I hope the snow days have provided you with great family time, relaxation and fun.  This week's spotlight on teaching and learning describes the important work being done by our ELA teachers in grades 5-8, ELL teacher, special educators grades 5-8, literacy coach and literacy specialists.


    Our Literacy Collaborative work across grades 5-8 thus far this year has included study of the following practices:

    interactive read-alouds

    book talks and writer’s talks

    reading and writing minilessons

    readers’ and writers’ notebooks

    reading and writing conferences

    independent reading and writing

    guided writing

    writing about reading

    goal-setting and reflection

    end-of-class share

    Additionally, some teachers have had prior learning related to future Literacy Collaborative professional development topics, such as:

    word work

    reader’s theater

    guided reading

    literature study / book groups

    These practices are grounded in the belief that in order for readers and writers grow, they need a variety of things, including, but not limited to . . .

    • an environment conducive to engaged reading and writing
    • teaching that is responsive to individual students’ needs
    • a balance of whole class, small group, and independent instruction and practice
    • explicit, concise instruction which includes teacher modeling of skills and strategies
    • experiences that generate enthusiasm and engagement around reading and writing
    • opportunities to hear great literature read fluently and appreciate its strengths and beauty
    • reading and writing experiences that span a variety of texts and genres
    • opportunities to engage in inquiry to uncover nuances about texts, genres, and language
    • mentor texts which students can model their own writing on
    • agency in choosing texts and topics
    • feedback that is transferable to other reading and writing experiences
    • opportunities to write authentic types of text for real audiences
    • lots of time to practice reading independent level texts and writing independently
    • instruction that supports student success with texts that are just beyond their independent level
    • opportunities to play with language and increase understandings about how it works
    • opportunities to set goals and reflect on strengths and next steps
    • opportunities to generate independent thinking and to articulate that thinking through speech and writing• opportunities to engage with peers in order to collaborate, rehearse ideas, and generate new thinking together



    The ELA staff (all mentioned above)

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