Summaries of BHS Expansion Project Public Meetings

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March 15, 2017 -- Community Update Meeting  
More than 50 community members attended the second  Community Update Meeting of the year for the BHS Expansion Project on March 15th at Town Hall. Superintendent Andrew Bott opened the meeting with a brief presentation for the need of an expanded BHS including a recap of the ongoing and anticipated enrollment increase at BHS. Headmaster Anthony Meyer summarized the high school’s Educational Plan and the work being done now to implement the plan ahead of the anticipated building expansion. Pip Lewis of HMFH architects presented the three different approaches to expanding BHS on the current site and  the preliminary cost estimates that had first been shared with the BHS Building Committee at the March 13th Building Committee Meeting. During the second half of the meeting community members asked questions of and gave input to the Building Committee members and HMFH. 

March 13, 2017 -- Building Committee Meeting
March 1, 2017 -- Building Committee Meeting
The Building Committee’s fourth public meeting took place at Brookline High School on March 1. Prior to the meeting, the committee members took an hourlong tour of the main building led by Headmaster Anthony Meyer and Assistant Headmaster Hal Mason. During the meeting, HMFH Architects presented drawings of massing models that show possible locations on the BHS campus where renovations and expansion could occur. HMFH shared six different approaches that will be considered. While preliminary costs were not shared at this meeting, the six massing models spanned the three different programming levels that HMFH presented at the February 2 Building Committee meeting. The meeting closed with the Building Committee rescheduling their March 8 meeting to March 13 and finalizing the March 15 Community Update meeting that will take place at Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.
February 2, 2017 -- Building Committee Meeting
The Building Committee for the BHS Expansion project had its third meeting and focused on the draft space summary that HMFH Architects has worked to develop through meetings with high school and district leaders and staff. The committee discussed the three program levels HMFH is using to create space summary options for a Brookline High School with 2,700 students. HMFH also presented summaries of the square footage required at each of the three program levels. The committee also discussed upcoming meetings and the schedule of public and community meetings. The current schedule of anticipated meetings is linked to below.
January 12, 2017 -- Community Update Meeting on BHS Expansion
Nearly 70 parents and neighbors came to BHS’s Black Box Theater to hear an update from Superintendent Andrew Bott, BHS Headmaster Anthony Meyer and HMFH Architects about BHS Expansion. Superintendent Bott shared data about the tremendous enrollment growth that BHS is now experiencing and explained the process over the past four years that has led to the current feasibility study. Mr. Meyer summarized the new educational plan that is driving design development. HMFH explained the steps of the Feasibility Phase that will lead to a preferred design being selected early this spring. School Committee members and Building Committee members attended and answered questions from the audience. 
January 11, 2017 -- BHS Building Committee Meeting
The BHS Building Committee held its second meeting at Town Hall. HMFH Architects went over the Feasibility Phase schedule and deliverables, reviewed the existing BHS site and discussed possible locations for expansion on the existing site. The committee also scheduled upcoming Building Committee Meetings and discussed scheduling additional public meetings. 
December 7, 2016 -- BHS Building Committee Meeting
The first meeting of the Brookline High School Building Committee took place on December 7 at 6:00 p.m. in the School Committee Meeting Room on the 5th floor of Town Hall.
June 13, 2016 -- BHS Expansion Working Group Community Meeting
The BHS Expansion Working Group  held a community meeting to share the current timeline and process for this expansion project, which is designed to prepare PSB for the rapid increase in high school enrollment expected in the coming years. Presenting were school and BHS administration and representatives from Symmes Mani & McKee Associates (SMMA) architectural firm. More than 70 parents and guardians came to the meeting, where after the presentation they split up into groups to go to four "break out" rooms where they could look at four options--expanding the current BHS campus, one high school-two campuses, two self-contained high schools, other ideas and approaches--and list the strengths and challenges with each one. Then everyone went back into the presentation room and talked about what their group came up with followed by Q&A. The process was inclusive and informative with lots of great ideas and comments throughout the evening.
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